The hard parts of the animal body are collectively known as skeletal system or simply skeleton. The vertebrates possess the hard parts inside the body. It is known as endo…
The pelvic girdle is directly attached to the vertebral column in the sacral region. The pelvic girdle consists of two similar halves which are known as ossa innominata. Each os…
The hip or pelvic girdle' is present in the posterior side of the body to which the pelvic fins or hind limbs are attached. The pelvic girdle is connected directly…
The pectoral girdle is connected to the vertebral column through muscles and ligaments. The pectoral girdle consists of two similar halves and each half is formed by three bones namely…
The skeletal system or skeleton includes the hard parts of the animal body. All the vertebrates possess the endoskeleton (inside the body).   These are the living tissues develop from…
Respiratory System in Bird   Respiratory System in Reptile   Respiratory System in Mammals   Comparative anatomy of respiratory systems in calotes (lizard), columba (pigeon) and oryctolagus (rabbit).   Calotes…
Scoliodon (fish) is a poikilothermic cartilaginous fish. It is commonly known as shark. Rana (frog) is an amphibian and poikilothermic animal. It is commonly called as frog.   Living cells…
Digestive System Of Bird: Eg: Pegion Digestive System (Columba) Digestive System Of Mammal: Eg: Rabbit Digestive System (Oryctolagus) Digestive System Of Reptile: Eg: Lizard Digestive System (Calotes) In previous topic…
Comparison Of Integument Derivatives In Calottes (Reptile), Columba (Bird) And Oryctolagus (Mammal) Calotes is a terrestrial Reptile (lizard). Columba is flying bird. Oryctolagus is a herbivorous mammal. All these animals…
COMPARATIVE ACCOUNT OF THE INTEGUMENT (SKIN) IN THE SCOLIODON (SHARK FISH) AND RANA (FROG) Scoliodon and Rana are poikilothermic animals. Scoliodon is an aquatic cartilage fish. Rana lives in water…

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