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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:13
    Father of Biology
    - Aristotle

    Father of Botany
    - Theophrastus

    Father of Zoology
    - Aristotle
    Father of Plant Physiology
    - Stephan Hales

    Father of Taxonomy
    - Carl Linnaeus

    Father of Genetics
    - G.J. Mendel

    Father of Experimental Genetics
    - Morgan

    Father of Bryology
    - Johannn Hedwig
    Father of Modern Cytology
    - Carl P. Swanson
    Father of Microscopy
    - Marcello Malpighi
    Father of Plant Anatomy
    - N. Grew
    Father of Flistology
    - Francis Bichet
    Father of Mycology
    - Micheli

    Father of Palynology
    - Erdtman
    Father of Eugenics
    - Francis Galton
    Father of Biochemical Genetics
    - Archibald
    Father of DNA Finger Printing
    - Garrod
    Father of Ethology
    - Jaffery Lorentz
    Father of Endocrinology
    - Addison
    Father of ATP Cycle
    - Lipmann
    Father of Stress Physiology
    - Hans Selye
    Father of Gerontology
    - Korenchevsk
    Father of Indian Ecology
    - R. Mishra
    Father of Comparative Anatomy
    - Bason George Cuvier
    Father of Modern Anatomy
    - Andreas Vesalium
    Father of Experimental Physiology
    - Galen
    Father of Study of circulation of Blood
    - William Harvey
    Father of Evolutionary ideas
    - Empedocles
    Father of Eugenics
    - F. Galton
    Father of Modern Embryology
    - K.V. Baer
    Father of Ayurveda
    - Charaka
    Father of Paleontology
    - L. da Vinci
    Father of Medicine
    - Hippocrates
    Father of Indian Mycology
    - E.J. Butler
    Father of Bacteriology
    - Robert Koch
    Father of Microbiology
    - Louis Pasteur
    Father of Mutation
    - Hugo de Vries
    Father of Special Creation Theory
    - Father Suarez
    Father of Immunology
    - Edward Jenner
    Father of Modern Genetics
    - Bateson
    Father of Blood Groups
    - C. Landsteiner
    Father of Genetic Engineering
    - Paul Berg
    Father of Biochemistry
    - Leibig
    Father of ECG
    - Einthoven
    Father of Conditioned Reflex
    - Pavlov
    Father of Polygenic Inheritance
    - Koireuter
    Father of Epidemiology
    - John Snow
    Father of Plant Pathology
    - Debary
    Father of Antiseptic Surgery
    - Joseph Lister
    Father of Antibiotics
    - Alexander Fleming
    Father of Radiation Genetics
    - H.J. Muller




CHOLERA is a specific infectious disease that affects the lower portion of the intestine and is char...

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