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Sunday, 25 June 2017 01:17
  • Largest mammal — Blue Whale
  • Heaviest mammal — Blue whale
  • Largest Carnivora Kodiak — Beer of Australia and Alaska
  • Largest Chiroptera — Pteropus
  • Largest Primate — Gorilla
  • Largest Ape — Gorilla
  • Largest Terrestrial Bird — Ostrich
  • Largest Wing span — Albatross
  • Largest living reptile — Turtle
  • Largest lizard — Varanus
  • Largest snake — Python
  • Largest frog — Rana goliath (Africa)
  • Largest fish — Rhinodon typus (1 8m, 9000 ibs)
  • Largest carnivore fish — White shark
  • Largest coral reef — Great barrier reef
  • Largest breed of dog — St Bernard 130 kg
  • Largest invertebrate — Giant squid
  • Largest bone — Femur (In Frog Tibiofibla)
  • Largest Muscle — Sertorisu (Buttock gluteus maximum)
  • Largest Nerve — Vagus
  • Largest cell — Egg of Ostrich
  • Tallest Mammal — Giraffe
  • Tallest poriferan — Poterian (4 feet)
  • Largest porifer — Spheciospongia vesparium (3.5 feet)
  • Longest cell — Nerve cell (Neuron)
  • Largest live fish — Sturgeon
  • Largest Egg producing fish — Mala mala
  • Largest mammal — Blue Whale Heaviest mammal — Blue whale
  • Largest Camivora Kodiak — Beer of Australia and Alaska
  • Largest R.B.C. in mammal — Elephant
  • Largest Gland — Liver
  • Largest star fish — Pycnopodia
  • Largest bivalvia — Tridacna
  • Largest Gastropod — Hermifurcus
  • Largest Shell — Bivalva giant clam
  • Largest Insect — Ant of Africa (Dinopohtera)
  • Largest Tick — Ambloyma
  • Largest Coelenteratra — Cyanea (jelly fishes)
  • Largest gestation period — Elephant
  • Largest web — Nephila
  • Largest egg — Ostrich
  • Largest vein — Inferior venacava
  • Largest fang — Gabbon viper tropical
  • Largest land mammal — Elephant
  • Largest eye (Mammal) — Horse
  • Largest Eye (Mollusc) — Squid (15 inches)
  • Largest arachnid — Giant spider
  • Largest Insect — Golianthus (Africa)
  • Largest zoo of World — Kruger (South Africa)
  • Most venomous sea snake  Hydrophis
  • Most venomous snake of world — Peninsular tiger snake of Australia.
  • Largest R.B.C. — Amphiuma
  • Largest virus — Pox virus


Published in Zoology
Saturday, 24 June 2017 22:21

Most Intelligent Hominid
Man (Homo sapiens)

Second Most Intelligent Mammal

Most Intelligent ape

Heaviest bony fish

Heaviest crab

Loudest arthropod
Male cicada

Hibernating Mammal
Bat, Squirrel, Wood chink

Hibernating bird
Poor will

Fish with four eyes

Living fossil arthropod

Living fossil fish

Living fossil reptile

Longest distance flying birds
Stemaparadisaea (Arctic tern). it covers 22,530 kms during migration.

Heaviest Bird of Prey
Vulture gryphus.

Fastest swimmer bird
Pygoscellus papua (gento penguin)

Largest egg bird
Struthio camelus (175 mm length, capacity)

Smallest egg bird
Mellisuga minima - humming bird

National Animal of Australia

National Animal of Newzealand

National Animal of Pakistan

Sharpest Memory animal

Ship of Desert

Horse of river

Tree rat
Vendiluria live in nest of bird

Blood swelling bat
Vampire bat

Most powerful Electric fish
Electrophorous electrius (370—500 volts)

Light proudcing fish
Photoble, Phaar -on Malacocephalus etc.

Sound proudcing fish
Malapterurus, Tetradon etc.

Highest Flier Birds
Cygnus cygnus-Swan Height 27,000 feet.

Largest sea bird
Diomedia epomorphora (wing stretch 80—125 inches)

Deepest Diver bird
Apteno dytes forsteri (Emperor Penguin)

Most air borne bird (Common swift)
Apus apus -9 months in air in a year.


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