Essentials of Clinical Pathology

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Description: Essentials of Clinical Pathology explains the basic fundamentals of clinical chemistry, laboratory tests in diagnosis and management of diseases. It is mainly intended for second MBBS students and postgraduate residents in pathology. It will also be an essential reading for students of medical laboratory technology. Its main strengths are easy readability, scientific basis, incorporation of most recent concepts, and clinical relevance. Discussion of laboratory tests is preceded, where required, by basic information on anatomy, physiology, and a concise outline of relevant diseases to facilitate understanding. The book is organized in Three Sections which are further divided into 39 chapters. Key information is emphasized by numerous illustrations, tables, and boxes. Reference ranges and critical values have been incorporated at the end of each chapter for quick access. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Section 1: Chemical Pathology and Related Studies, 1. Examination of Urine, 2. Renal Function Tests, 3. Diabetes Mellitus, 4. Liver Function Tests, 5. Disorders of Lipids and Biochemical Cardiac Markers, 6. Examination of Cerebrospinal Fluid, 7. Examination of Pleural and Peritoneal Fluids, 8. Examination of Sputum, 9. Examination of Feces, 10. Gastric Analysis, 11. Tests for Malabsorption and Pancreatic Function, 12. Thyroid Function Tests, 13. Pregnancy Tests, 14. Infertility, 15. Semen Analysis, Section 2: Laboratory Hematology, 16. Hematopoiesis, 17. Collection of Blood, 18. Estimation of Hemoglobin, 19. Packed Cell Volume, 20. Total Leukocyte Count, 21. Reticulocyte Count, 22. Blood Smear, 23. Red Cell Indices, 24. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, 25. Examination of Bone Marrow, 26. Diagnosis of Malaria and Other Parasites in Blood, 27. Laboratory Tests in Anemia, 28. Laboratory Tests in Hematological Malignancies, 29. Laboratory Tests in Bleeding Disorders, 30. Laboratory Tests in Thrombophilia, 31. Laboratory Tests in Porphyrias, 32. Automation in Hematology, Section 3: Practical Blood Transfusion, 33. Blood Group Systems, 34. Blood Grouping, 35. Collection of Donor Blood, Processing and Storage, 36. Screening Tests for Infections ransmissible by Transfusion, 37. Compatibility Test (Cross-match), 38. Adverse Effects of Transfusion, 39. Blood Components.





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