Differences between Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryotic Cell

Published in Cell Biology
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 00:19
Feature Prokaryotic Cell Eukaryotic Cell
1. Nuclear envelope absent present
2. DNA single, circular and naked more than one and combined with proteins
3. Chromosome single multiple
4. Nucleolus absent present
5. Division amrtosis mitosis or meiosis
6. Ribosomes 70S(50S+30S scattered in cytoplasm 80S(60S+40S) Found attached to ER or free in cytoplasm.
7. Endo membranes absent present
8. Mitochondria absent present
9. Chloroplasts absent present in plant cells, absent in animal cell
10. Lysosomes absent present
11. Peroxisomes absent present
12. Cytoskeleton absent present
13. Cell wall non-cellulose cellulose only in plants cells
14. Respiratory enzymes located in plasma membrane enclosed in mitochondria.

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